Now I know what is the world. The world is the most wonderful place that exist! You can to meet new people and do a lot of things. And you are part of my world.
—Niall to him parents.

"The World of Niall" is the first episode in season 1 of The World of Niall. It was aired in March 31, 2016.


Niall leaves home for the first time, and for a stumbling meets Sonny.


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  • Ricky Garcia as Ice cream shop's worker
  • TBA as Vagabond

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To be added upon release.



  • All of the main characters will be introduced in this episode.
  • Is the first episode of season 1 and of the serie.
  • The production for this episode started September 26, 2014.[2]
  • For reasons of time, is taken to write the pilot.
  • This episode is also know as Pilot.[3]
    • This, makes "The World of Niall" the first series to name their first episode Pilot as original, because "Austin: Sexy, Popular, ¿Gay?" only was named in the English title translation (Pilot: The Confession, but the original is The Confesion).
  • September 4, was confirmed that will be premiered 2016.[4]
    • March 6, was confirmed that will be premiered in these month.
  • The episode was available in English at March 31. In international Spanish was available since the summer.
    • Is the first time that a M.A.P. production premieres first in English and not in international Spanish.
  • As this serie is for all the family, this episode was need to have two clean editions.
    • The first clean edition change the dialogues when Zoey and Cory think that Niall and Josh will be dating (many reference to the LGBT community). The second clean edition only cut the scene.
  • The premiere of this episode exceeded the ratings of anothers premieres in the same year of 2016, like episodes of Austin: Sexy, Popular, ¿Gay? and Kendall: Love To A Guy; also the premiere of Camp Wars.[5]


  • English (Wattpad) - March 31, 2016
  • International Spanish preview (Wattpad) - April 27, 2016 (first); January 5, 2017 (second)
  • International Spanish (Wattpad) - 2017


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